About US

Our Mission

Our primary goal is to help you meet your tax requirements without any surprises, while providing you with meaningful and timely advise for your personal and business strategic decisions aimed at making you successful and profitable.

James is a CPA who has been in public accounting since 1992 and has been in the Tampa area since 1997. James received his bachelor and master degrees in accounting from Florida State University. As well as having extensive experience with Federal Tax matters, James also specializes in navigating the complexities of Florida’s Sales & Use Tax Laws.

Because of the trust that you place with your CPA, we believe that every client (big and small) deserves the same level of attention from us. Our clients are not just a number in a file to us. We like to say that we will “run through a wall” to help ALL of our clients.

Continuing education:

James’ CPA license is in the State of Florida which requires 80 hours of continuing education every two years with 4 hours in a State approved Ethics class in order for me to maintain my Florida CPA License.


We also have a network of partners that believe in our client attention philosophy who can assist you with…

   Banking and Commerical Lending

   Insurance Needs

   Investment Advise and College Planning

   Legal and Estate Matters

   Real Estate and Mortgages

   Technology & The Environment

We believe that by embracing technology it puts us in a better place to respect the environment. As such, we operate in a paperless environment which also enables us to be more responsive to our clients needs. In this endeavor, we offer our clients a year-end CD (at no charge) which contains a copy of their tax returns and other projects that we have completed for them each year. This helps us to not waste valuable resources, while giving our clients an electronic copy of their documents so that they can use them when it fits their busy schedule (like being able to e-mail the bank a copy of your tax return for home refinancing at night after the kids go to bed).